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Improve Your Communication Skills with an Online Communication Degree

You are a communicator. Whether you are aware of it or not, you practice this important skill every day by constantly absorbing, analyzing and sharing information. Great communication skills are a necessity for success in every aspect of life. Obtaining an online degree in communications is an ideal way of improving your chances of building a fulfilling and exciting career”“no matter the field.

How Can an Online Communications Program Improve Communication Skills?

You may think that effective instruction can only be found in a traditional classroom, but in fact, online instruction can be just as rewarding. This may be hard to fathom because an online classroom does not offer the face-to-face interactions that an on-campus classroom does. But actually, students who participate in online instruction may have an advantage when it comes to developing strong communication skills without the pressure that is sometimes part of an on-campus setting.

Participating in virtual classroom forums allows students to be a part of rich discussions between both instructors and fellow students. Interaction through written discussion allows for richer discourse because it allows students to spend time crafting in-depth responses to questions and comments posed by fellow students as well as open-ended questions posed by instructors.

Why Is Getting an Online Communications Degree Important?

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science in Communication online program is the perfect solution for busy people like you who wish to earn a degree in communications. Throughout the program, you will hone your written and interpersonal communication skills by increasing your understanding of the course material. You will also learn the importance of giving and receiving feedback and reading comprehension skills. Both abilities are essential for effective communication, especially in the workplace. In the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2016 survey, effective communication skills were ranked as one of the most important qualities for job candidates. Employers are looking for these types of skills when interviewing and hiring workers.

The Lamar University online communication degree program features the following classes:

  • Interpersonal Communication: This course explores how conscious and unconscious actions, as well as words, convey ideas. You will learn to manage these actions and words in everyday exchanges in order to communicate effectively with coworkers, businesses, family and friends.
  • Advanced Public Speaking: The techniques taught in this course will give you the confidence and poise to deliver a clear and succinct message to your audience.
  • Conflict Management & Small Group Communication: This course is an in-depth study of the dynamics of working in groups.
  • Public Relations: This course will teach you how to communicate effectively with the media and how to tailor your message and company image to specific audiences.

To have a successful career, you must possess high-quality communication skills. A great way to obtain these skills is by taking courses for a bachelor’s degree program in communications from an accredited institution such as Lamar University.

Learn more about the Lamar University online BS in Communication program.


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