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What’s Trending in Communications?


The technology shaping the world of communications is evolving quickly. Even after smartphones and social media have become communications mainstays, popular platforms and expectations fluctuate like fashion trends. Forbes states, “No matter how well your current system works, someone is always looking to find a better way.”

Businesses that manage to stay on the cutting edge of communications technology have an undeniable advantage in their market. It means saving money in advertising, maintaining a cohesive company culture, and being able to address customer complaints in a timely manner.

Here are four trends that promise to shake up the communications space:

Changing Video Communication

More and more businesses are using video marketing to reach potential customers. Whether visiting a business’s website, social media feed or YouTube channel, a growing number of customers now expect to be greeted by videos that explain their product or service.

Video technology itself has changed and become widely accessible as well. contributor Jessica Scadron mentions livestreaming and 360 video as new and accessible ways for clients to interact with businesses. “People not only want to watch video,” she writes, “but be completely immersed in the experience.”

Bending Reality

Augmented reality is not a new concept, but its wider use is a recent phenomenon. Scadron writes, “Existing museum, decorating and travel apps are already creating convenient and fantastical experiences for the citizenry.” Being able to virtually explore a travel destination while planning your next trip can be an exciting teaser for the real thing.

This technology isn’t relegated to the museum and travel industries, however. Scadron predicts wider use in the healthcare and design industries as well. Companies will need to change the way they think about marketing to make the most of these new tools.

A Larger Pool of Creators

Thanks to user-driven content creation and the accessibility of platforms like YouTube, there are more content creators than ever before. While the medium may seem oversaturated, algorithms backing the content seek to improve the user experience over time.

Collaboration is the key to capitalizing on this trend. Forbes contributor Cameron Conaway writes, “It’s no longer enough for communications professionals to improve upon their own skill set; they must also find creative new ways to leverage the skills of the creators around them.”

Trusting Data Collection

Widespread data collection is no secret, but how companies use this data has a big impact on their image. It is important to simultaneously use marketing data wisely to attract business while being as transparent as possible about the process. Forbes contributor Colby Reade writes, “Companies will have to double down on outreach campaigns that are carefully targeted without coming across as creepy.”

Communications is a field that is constantly changing, so flexibility is of the utmost importance. Those with a bachelor’s degree in communications are bound to be better prepared for these changes and will be an asset to any company looking to keep pace with modern trends. Understanding how businesses have reacted to upheavals in communications in the past will help prepare businesses for current and future changes.

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