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What Is a Bachelor’s in Communications?

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Communication online from Lamar University prepares students to work in numerous fields using hands-on skills such as writing, design, photography, videography and digital fluency to craft effective messaging and content for target audiences. Some potential career paths include public relations, advertising, content marketing, broadcasting and journalism.

The communications major is broad, allowing students to obtain knowledge in multimedia and the business world. Companies that are interested in hiring communication majors often look for students who can communicate effectively to a variety of audiences through diverse media forms while using analytical skills and research to maximize the impact of such communications.

Skills Taught in the Communications Field

While earning your bachelor’s degree in communication, you may take classes that can help you strengthen your writing, public speaking and multimedia skills. These classes are designed to prepare you for a job in the communications field that often requires you to be able to multitask and quickly adapt to the work environment.

Getting a communications degree can teach you how to cover news events, write press releases, produce quality photos and videos, and design marketing content and materials. It can also help you learn more about the business world by teaching you how to create a community through social media, develop marketing campaigns and direct commercials.

Perhaps the most important and transferable skill students learn through this type of bachelor’s degree program is communication itself. Verbal and written communication skills are often among the top skills employers look for in job candidates, as evidenced by research from LinkedIn, the National Association of Colleges and Employers and others.

Becoming a Communications Professional

Being able to meet deadlines is one of the key requirements in any communications job. The communications field is fast paced and often requires you to multitask and meet deadlines within hours. By getting a communications degree, you can learn how to keep up in the constantly buzzing media world.

Employers also look for students who can use critical-thinking skills. Students earning a communications degree can develop skills that allow them to become more innovative thinkers. Being able to think creatively and intelligently is essential when working in communications because you often have to communicate to an audience that is oversaturated with messaging through multiple platforms and channels. Coming up with an original message can separate your content from the competition — a vital part of success in the communications field.

In addition, students in the Lamar University online Bachelor of Science in Communication program choose between two specialization tracks: the Communication Studies Track and the Public Relations Track. These specialization options allow students to focus their education on the subjects that best suit their career aspirations, adding value to their investment in school.

Overall, a bachelor’s degree in communication can hone the hands-on skills you need to succeed in a professional environment. Earning this degree can open up many different career paths in a wide array of industries. Developing the variety of skills needed to work in the communications field can help you work quickly, effectively and collaboratively as a professional in most any setting.

Learn more about the Lamar University Bachelor of Science in Communication online program.

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