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Earn an Online Master's in Educational Technology Leadership in 12 Months


When the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to make an abrupt shift to remote education and e-learning, educational technologies began to play an essential role in curriculum delivery. The COVID-19 health crisis has also thrust the need for educational technology integration into the spotlight as school districts faced the possibility of re-opening schools, and anticipated future outbreaks and school closures. Well-prepared educational technology leaders must be ready to support educators, students and families as they cope with uncertainty.

Developed to train these leaders, Lamar University’s online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Technology Leadership covers strategies and methods to integrate technology into both traditional and virtual classrooms.

What Will I Learn in This M.Ed. Program?

Educational technologies can be useful in meeting the needs of today’s diverse learners. Studies in this program focus on the intersections of educational technology, educational theory and practice, and technology leadership at the administrative level. Although appropriate technology selection, acquisition and resource allocation are important, effective technology integration involves providing the support, tools, skills and access necessary to benefit from the available hardware, software and online connections. This will require regular and continuous professional development and training for teachers, staff, students and families.

These outcomes are especially significant considering circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, as student learning is reliant in large measure on educational and communications technologies. Teachers are using live videoconferencing, social media groups and virtual classroom software to facilitate both synchronous and asynchronous learning in the remote context. It falls to educational technology leaders to help teachers adapt to the current model of remote instruction and learning.

Educational technology leaders must also ensure every student has equal access to internet and appropriate technologies. Addressing prevalent socioeconomic and regional inequities is paramount to using technologies to advance education, both in school and remotely.

How Does This Degree Program’s Accelerated Design Work?

Each of the 12 accelerated courses in Lamar University’s online educational technology leadership master’s degree program is five weeks long.  The academic calendar features multiple start dates, allowing students to vary their course loads according to changes in their schedules. Determined students can earn their degree in as few as 12 months.

What About Program Costs?

Lamar University’s online M.Ed. program is also very affordable; tuition and distance learning fees total $10,800. There are other financial advantages associated with the online model, such as avoiding moving or relocation, commuting, and childcare costs. Online students can also continue working while earning their degree, with no loss of wages, raises, tenure status or other career opportunities.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Earning This Degree Online?

There are many other benefits of the fully online format of Lamar University’s M.Ed. in Educational Technology Leadership.

  • The degree program enables students to complete coursework wherever they choose. The flexibility allows students to continue working toward degree completion regardless of local, state or federal stay-at-home or shutdown orders.
  • Degree candidates can complete studies whenever their schedules permit, giving parents options as they adapt to having children at home during the pandemic.
  • Many campus-based, “brick and mortar” degree programs have had to radically redesign courses, or discontinue them completely, due to the pandemic. Navigating this shift has proved difficult for many professors and students, resulting in possible reductions in both quality and continuity of education.
  • However, students enrolled in Lamar University’s online programs face no changes in their education due to disruptions like the pandemic shutdown. Coursework and instruction are already available remotely, requiring no shift in design or delivery.

Lamar University’s online M.Ed. in Educational Technology Leadership is particularly relevant today. With the knowledge and skills developed in this program, leaders in educational technology will be prepared to ensure every student receives a quality education even during turbulent times, both now and in the future.

Learn more about Lamar University’s online M.Ed. in Educational Technology program.


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