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Evolving Role of Teachers Through Technology in the Classroom

Modern technology has changed the way most people do their jobs, and teachers are no exception. Technology in the classroom has changed the environment for both teachers and students, reshaping the way that learning takes place. Teachers are serving in a leadership role as they are on the front lines of the educational world. Learning the best practices for use of technology in the classroom is important for creating the best learning environment possible.

Roles of Teachers Changing

Traditionally, teachers have served in the role of knowledge provider, offering students information for consumption. According to a study by the Academy of Finland, the use of technology in the classroom has changed this role into one of facilitation, allowing the teacher the opportunity to guide the student to the source of the knowledge instead of serving as that source. This is a dramatic change from the traditional roles for teachers. Those teachers who are best at implementing new advances in technology are being recruited to serve as part of the educational technology leadership group as well.

Examples of Innovative Technology Use

Using technology in the classroom can be difficult for many instructors. Simply adding a new device to part of an assignment isn’t exactly hard, but that is not a very effective way to teach. Some of the most effective new uses of technology involve integrating a tablet or smartphone as part of a game that develops the students’ abilities. Requiring students, for example, to create content that teaches concepts to other students is another example of something that would usually be an effective use of technology.

Leadership in Educational Technology

It makes sense that many educators are now serving in educational technology leadership roles. Education World published an article that pointed out that many students have grown up playing video games and using social media, but that is becoming true for a growing number of instructors as well. By being familiar with a large amount of technology on that level, educators often find innovative ways to use technology in the classroom before anyone else does.

Changing the level of technology in the classroom creates not only new situations for students; it can completely change the teaching methods that instructors use, as well. Teachers are coming into the classroom with a deeper understanding of technology and then using that understanding to create a more successful learning environment. By utilizing new devices and methods, teachers can engage students on multiple levels and pull in those students who wouldn’t engage otherwise.

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