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The Benefits of Blending Technology and Education

As a society, we are continuously changing and adapting to the needs of our students and the technology we have available to implement in the classroom. Change in our schools requires active management by leadership and curriculum specialists in the district so that they are correctly marrying the IT with curriculum.

A Master’s Degree in Education Technology Provides Extraordinary Knowledge

With a master’s degree in education technology, an educator will learn to integrate technology into the classroom. The teacher will work to provide knowledge gained from their classwork to help guide a district in making decisions regarding blending technology and education.

Leadership will be needed to marry IT and curriculum in a district. It will be critical to provide time for administrators, curriculum specialists and teachers to brainstorm goals and ways to achieve them. When used correctly, technology can be very impactful in a district. Planning, strategies and implementation in accordance with district leaders will be key in success.

Teacher leaders, administrators and curriculum specialists also need training over new technology if they are going to implement it in the classroom. Technology will only be as good as the teachers who are implementing the new ideas. Teachers should work with things they feel comfortable with and learn one tool well. Then, once they are comfortable with that tool, they can work more things into their technology tool belt. While blending technology into curriculum can be challenging at times, educators who resist the trend may be fighting a losing battle. Given that students increasingly are embracing the technology in their time outside of school, it may be in teachers’ best interest to find ways to integrate them into their classroom lessons.

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