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Ways to Make Your Classroom Digital

An educator who wants to increase his or her knowledge of digital classrooms can benefit from earning a master’s degree in educational technology leadership. The degree program prepares teachers to design instructional systems and materials that facilitate learning through technology. Students study the fundamentals of leadership and technology, school community relations, school law, video technology and multimedia as well as teaching with technology. People earning this degree are generally highly organized leaders in their departments who can help their campuses and districts expand digital classrooms.

Ways to Make Your Classroom Digital

Teachers can make their classrooms digital in many ways. First, campuses and teachers can aim to use less paper in their classes. They may not be ready for completely paperless classes, but starting the year stressing this idea can help. When going paperless, teachers and campuses can use cloud storage and learning management systems in their classes. Teachers can store, distribute and even assign activities to their students using cloud-based software. Students can access the material anywhere through their connected devices.

Some teachers use electronic newsletters and websites to communicate with students and their parents. These digital communications can be accessed from any device, and teachers can easily update them. One-way texting services and sites like Twitter are also a great way to disseminate information to students and parents, keeping the lines of communication open.

Teachers can take advantage of a wide variety of devices and tablets to transform their classrooms into digital learning spaces. Students with access to a smartphone, device or laptop at home can complete classwork that their teachers assign digitally. Teachers can also complete assessments totally online, with grading and reporting done all through the application or software. Teachers do not even have to hand out anything to students, if they prefer to conserve paper.

Teachers who want to offer digital classrooms can begin by earning a master’s degree in educational technology leadership. They can learn major strategies and key components to being technology leaders on their campuses and in their districts.

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Educational Leadership With Technology Focus: Digital Tools for Educators to Use

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