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How Technology Can Help Introverted Students

An educator with a master’s degree in educational technology leadership knows how to integrate technology into the classroom by networking introverted or nervous students to prepare them for an interactive, global society. Educators with educational technology leadership master’s degrees can be strong problem solvers who provide platforms for all of their students.

What Type of Technology Can Specifically Help Shy or Introverted Students?

Collaboration is essential to our modern classrooms, but shy or introverted students may be hesitant about traditional approaches. With the introduction of iPads into the classroom, students have much more technology readily available to them. Online discussion boards are a great place for students to find their voices and comment on class discussions. Teachers can create classroom Twitter pages or blogs that students can use to interact with each other in a teacher-filtered environment.

Educational technology tools can provide great learning benefits for shy or introverted students. They can give students time to think or reflect on the classroom topic or lesson. Sometimes the classroom environment does not offer students adequate time to process instruction. Too often, students won’t want to participate for fear of being judged in front of their peers; educational technology tools give them opportunities to reply without being judged or questioned.

Schools and districts must learn to adjust to all learners. Modern learners require engagement, efficiency and effectiveness. They must be able to collaborate, communicate and create. Educators must not forget their shy and introverted students, especially when there are so many technological advantages available to help them.

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