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Understanding the Roles of Educational Technology Leaders

For many younger students and instructors, technology has always played a large part of their lives. For those who are slightly older, however, the ability to use the latest technology wasn’t a reality until much later in their lives. Due to this difference, some instructors and administrators have difficulty properly implementing new devices into their classrooms. An educational technology specialist oversees the school curriculum, develops a plan for your school to succeed in the technological realm and guides the faculty in understanding the roles of educational technology.

Roles of a technology leader in an educational setting

Technology leadership is extremely important for several reasons. First, students who are learning to use new technology need to become comfortable with it. After this, an educational technology specialist also needs to be able to assist other faculty with learning the best practices for using the available materials. For some instructors, using an online course management system or whiteboard in the classroom might feel like a foreign concept. Those who are familiar with this technology can teachers that are not as familiar to develop the skills to better serve the students in the classroom.

Roles of educational technology in the classroom

Educational technology can fill all kinds of different roles in the classroom setting. From course management software that offers an outline and links to dynamic learning resources to specific applications that develop background knowledge for students, the application of technology to the education field is ever-growing. With each new application released, the technology specialist can assist in evaluation of resources.

The role of students in this interaction

Having well-trained staff and having technology available can only go so far. If students aren’t utilizing the tools available, the intended outcomes are never achieved. Teaching students to use the tools available is a great start. Helping them understand why they need those specific technological tools and how vast the benefits are will help them develop the skills to do even better in the future. Without the student understanding and buying in, the entire education process falls apart.

As a technology leader in an educational setting, the effective implementation of educational technology is of the utmost importance. Teaching students how to utilize the proper tools is part of it, but helping faculty understand the roles of educational technology is even more important. Having the best technology in the world goes a long way, but understanding how to properly use it and get students engaged is what really counts.

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