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Technology Leadership Can Boost Classroom Learning


Leading Your Classroom (and School) with Technology

Changes in technology have led to changes in the classroom. Instructors are now using new devices and methods to connect with students, but some instructors are going above and beyond to lead whole departments or school systems in utilizing innovative technology in the classroom. As the environment that students expect changes more and more, the instructors must adapt to it and use what they can to do the best job possible. With proper support from the administration, this can be extremely successful.

Changing Environments

It wasn’t long ago that one computer per school was normal, then one per classroom, and now in some places even one per student is expected. The rapid advancement of technology and the lowering of prices have led to a surge in use of technology in the classroom. This puts some instructors in an educational technology leadership role that allows them to explore technological advancements and influence other instructors.

Leadership Through Collaboration

Education experts agree it cannot be just the instructor making these changes. If school administrators are not on board, the innovative use of technology in the classroom can be stifled by rules that are well meaning but limiting. For example, some schools have adopted a “bring your own device” policy to encourage students to use new devices in their school work. The thinking behind this policy is that kids are going to bring devices to school no matter what, so it’s best to integrate those technological tools into lesson plans so that teachers can provide guidance on how to behave in the digital world.

Educational Technology Leadership Roles for Educators

While the support of administrators is important, it is often the classroom educator who sees what is working and what isn’t. By serving in groups of teachers who assist in curriculum design, an instructor can push for quality use of technology in the classroom. Being prepared to not only use new technology as an instructor, but develop ways for other teachers to use it effectively, is a way that you can further your career by implementing methods that you know are successful.

As the use of technology evolves and becomes more commonplace, it’s apparent that the classroom must change as well. Students may resist at first, but in the changing job market, the difference between a student who learned in a technology-oriented classroom and a traditional classroom can be significant. As an educator, you may be asked to serve in a leadership role to help implement this technology, not just for students but for other educators as well.

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